Request for Proposals

Request for Proposals

Volleyball Canada (VC) is committed to running quality national and international events on an ongoing basis. To this end, VC regularly seeks suitable host locations and providers for various services. To view recent Requests for Proposals (RFPs), please check this page.

2018 Events

2018 Beach National Championships (Youth and Senior)

2018 Volleyball Canada Merchandise

Official Event Store Edmonton 2018

Official Event Store Edmonton 2018


Question 01 -- what is the role of lululemon at Edmonton 2018?

Answer 01 – As a sponsor of Volleyball Canada, lululemon has the right, along with all other VC sponsors, to set up a booth at Nationals 2018. Lululemon will attend Edmonton 2018 to sell limited merchandise, including VC branded apparel and beach clothing. They do not have any rights to sell apparel that includes the 'Event Name' or ‘Edmonton Related’ souvenir type apparel. We do not believe that it will impact other sales but rather increase sales and the participant experience at Edmonton 2018.

Question 02 - Can you confirm other vendors that will attend Edmonton 2018?

Answer 02 – Volleyball Canada is currently in discussion with potential vendors. No other volleyball equipment merchandise manufacturer (uniforms, balls, volleyball footwear, kneepads, ankle braces) or volleyball store will be permitted to sell at Edmonton 2018.

Those interested in purchasing rights to be a vendor at Edmonton 2018 are asked to contact Colin Young at Sport Brand (colin@sportbrand.ca).

Question 03 -- Can a retailer sell non-Mizuno products 

Answer 03 -- No. Mizuno will have exclusive rights at Edmonton 2018 as the Official Apparel and Footwear of Team Canada Volleyball. 

Question 04 -- How many teams participated at previous festival events?

Answer 04 -- There were 686 teams in Toronto in 2012. There were 787 teams in Calgary. We are expecting over 800 teams for Edmonton 2018. 

Official Merchandise Provider Edmonton 2018

2019 Events

2019 Accomodations management provider

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2020 Events

2020 Accommodations management provider

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