Team Canada Volleyball Athletes Set To Read for “I Love to Read Month᾿

Winnipeg - Members of the Winnipeg based Women’s National Volleyball team will be reading at Tyndall Park Community School tomorrow for 'I Love To Read Month'.  Kelci French of Calgary and Janie Guimond of Montreal accepted the opportunity get out into the community.

“I'm excited to read to the kids on Friday because I think learning is not done just at school, it happens in all different aspects in life; in sport, in your job, in relationships, etc.," stated national team libero Janie Guimond. "No matter what time in your life and what you're learning, you have to embrace the moment to make you a stronger and a better person. And I would add that everyone can learn from everyone else: athlete or not, old or young, boy or girl, tall or small.... everyone has their strengths and can teach them to someone else.”

Janie and Kelci are among six national volleyball team athletes currently training in Winnipeg in preparation for the annual selection camp scheduled for May 5-9. The 2010 season for the Team Canada Women will focus on preparation for the 2010 World Championship scheduled for Oct 29-Nov 14 in Japan.

The national team athletes should fit right in with the reading program, as the theme of the afternoon is the ‘Reading Olympics’.  Members of the University of Winnipeg Wesmen Men’s Volleyball team will also be participating in the event.

Other members of the Women’s National team have also participated in I love to Read Month.  Colette Meek of Edmonton and Julie Young of Red Deer made the drive out to Hazelridge School on February 18th.
Kelci and Janie will be reading at Tyndall Park Community School Friday, February 26th from 1:00pm until 3:00pm.

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