Volleyball Canada's national teams will be competing in the Toronto 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games this July and August. Our Men's and Women's Beach, Indoor, and Sitting Volleyball Teams will be competing for spots on the podium.

2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Teams

Beach Volleyball: Men Women
Indoor Volleyball: Men Women
Sitting Volleyball: Men Women








Beach Volleyball:
Indoor Volleyball:
Sitting Volleyball:



For more information on the Pan/Parapan Am Games or to purchase tickets, click here for indoor sessions, and here for beach.


Pan Am Games summary

The Pan American Games invite all athletes from the American Continent to participate in an international celebration of friendship and sport.  The games take place every four years, on the year prior to the Olympic Games.

The first Pan American Games took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1951. Volleyball was first introduced in the Pan American Games in 1955 in Mexico City. Canada did not participate until 1959, where the Canadian men placed 6th out of 9 countries. Neither team participated in the next set of games in 1963, but in 1967 both teams competed in Winnipeg and they both finished in 6th place. From there, both teams competed in almost all of the Pan American Games, with the men’s best result being in 1999, again in Winnipeg where they beat Argentina in four sets to clinch the bronze medal. The women’s best result was in 1995 in Argentina where they also won the bronze medal against Argentina, beating them in four sets. 

Beach Volleyball made it's debut at the Pan American in Winnipeg in 1999, with Canadians Jody Holden and Conrad Leinemann bringing home the Gold Medal for the host country in the Men's competition.

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