Olympic Games


Event: 2012 Olympic Games
Dates: July 27-August 12, 2012
Location: London, England
Website: http://www.london2012.com/





Volleyball has been apart of the Summer Olympic games since 1964, where they were held in Tokyo, Japan. The history of Olympic volleyball can be traced back to the 1924 Summer Olympics in Paris, where volleyball was played as part of an American sports demonstration event. Consideration of its addition to the Olympic program, however, was given only after World War II, with the foundation of the FIVB and of some of the continental confederations. In 1957, a special tournament was held at the 53rd IOC session in Sofia, Bulgaria to support such request. The competition was a success, and the sport was officially introduced in 1964.

Canada’s first appearance in the Olympic Games was in 1976, where Canada played host in Montreal. Both teams finished in 8th place. In 1980, Canada boycotted the Olympics all together for political reasons. In 1984, both teams qualified again for the games, where the Canadian men had their best finish to date. They battled Italy in the bronze medal match, going down in three sets. The women finished in 8th place. In 1992 the men’s team qualified and achieved 10th place, finishing ahead of France and Algeria. 1996 was the last year to date where a Canadian team played in the games. The women’s team competed in Atlanta, and finished in the top 10 in 9th place, tying with Japan and finishing ahead of Peru and Ukraine.

Beach Volleyball was a demonstration sport at the 1992 Summer Olympics and was introduced as an official Olympic event at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. At those games, Canadians John Child and Mark Heese won the Bronze medal, and also went on to represent Canada at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney and 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. At the 2008 Beijing Olympics Canada failed to qualify a team in the men's or women's categories for the first time since the event was held in 1996.