Becoming a Referee

Interested in becoming involved as a beach referee in your area or want to pursue your certification to a higher level?   First, read below for the qualifications required to become a certified beach volleyball referee.  Secondly, for local and provincial beach clinics dates and locations, contact your Provincial/Territorial Association.  For national or international beach clinics, contact

In order to become a local volleyball referee, an individual proceeds as follows:

  • Learns the rules of the game.
  • Avails himself/herself to call matches whenever the opportunity arises in order to gain some practical experience.
  • Participates in an referees' clinic organized by his provincial/territorial association
  • Successfully complete written and practical examinations.


The next level of officiating is the provincial level, which entails the following :

  • Being active as a local beach referee for at least one full season.
  • Participating in a provincial referees' clinic and successfully completing written and practical examination.


The next level is qualification as a national referee, which requires:

  • Being active as a provincial referee for at least three years; or
  • Being active as certified national indoor referee and being active as a provincial beach referee for at least one year, which must include at least one experience on the Canadian Beach Tour events.
  • Approval by the Regional Officials Chairperson, the National Beach Referee Committee and the National Referee Chairperson.
  • Participating in a national clinic and successfully completing written and practical examinations at a major competition recognized for this purpose.

If successful, the referee is rated as a national referee of Volleyball Canada. To maintain this status, the referee must remain active and submit for re-evaluation at regular intervals, as prescibed by Volleyball Canada's National Referee Committee. 


The highest qualification for a referee is the International rating. The requirements include:

  • Being active as a National Referee for at least three years.
  • Recommendation of the National Referee Chairperson and of the National Beach Referee Committee.
  • Participating in a ten day International Officials' clinic and successfully completing written and practical examinations.
  • Having not reached 41st birthday.

If successful, the referee is rated as a international referee of the FIVB.