Rules of the Game

The rules governing volleyball in Canada are specified in the official Rule Book.  Rulebooks are available through the Provincial/Territorial Associations or by contacting

A beginners guide to basic rules can be found on under How to Play.

2012-2013 Rulebook correction:

Tripleball Rules (section c)


To add : Fair Play substitution rule applies: Players not starting in the 1st set must start in the 2nd set.  If there is a 3rd set, the coach has the choice of starting any players.  


Substitutions are allowed during a match, although Volleyball Canada would like emphasize to all coaches, players and parents that the rule is intended to provide every athlete with the ability to participate equally in every game. It is VC’s hope that coaches only substitute when an injury occurs.
Implementation of rule: 

Official or score keeper checks score sheet between sets to confirm players not starting in the 1st set are on the score sheet at the beginning of the 2nd set.

Please click here for full tripleball rules.

Jersey Numbers


Volleyball Canada's competition now allows jersey numbers from 1 to 24.

4.3.3 Players’ jerseys must be numbered from 1 to 18. 


Volleyball Canada - Players' jerseys must be numbered from 1 to 20 1 to 24

For FIVB, World and Official Competitions, players' jerseys must be numbered from 1 to 20.


2010-2011 Rulebook correction:

Lifetime members

To add : Glenn MacKay(AB) 2009

Collective screen / Completed block

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2009-2010 Rulebook correction :

Rule 4.1.1

It should say "A team may consist of a maximum of 15 players... one medical doctor".

P. 34
Rule 15.10.3
It should say:
" For FIVB and Officials Competitions the request for substitution is acknowledged and announced by the scorer or the second referee, by use of the buzzer or whistle respectively.
For FIVB and Officials Competitions, numbered paddles are used to facilitate the substitution.(Rule 15.10.3a, 15.10.3b, 15.10.3c) and the procedure is as followed.

National and International Referees in Canada

Ryan Bunyan
Kirk Bugler
Jay Schutlz
Harold Mori

British Columbia:
Brad Willard 
Kelvin Liu Candidate
Elizabeth Yoon Candidate
Trent Hammer Candidate
Milan Fedor Candidate


Remove Ryan Wilkes 

Nova Scotia
Paul Worden candidate

Add       Keith Wasylik

Remove Deborah Hartnett
Remove Reginald Young
Remove Kirk Bugler



Michel Lavoie

Remove Guy Lafortune (2x)



Lory Mills

Lory Banga


Lifetime members

Dennis Pomeroy (SK) -2008