Indoor Volleyball Rulebook

Published by Volleyball Canada, this annual publication has all the up to date rules for playing Indoor Volleyball in Canada. It is a necessity for all officials, coaches, players and parents.

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An electronic copy may be found here.

Please note the following change to Rule 4.5.1:
"Headwear is not permitted except those worn for religious and/or cultural beliefs.  Headbands can be worn, at a maximum 5cm in width, made of non abrasive, single colour cloth, pliable plastic, or rubber."


Beach Volleyball Rulebook

Volleyball Canada does not publish a Beach Volleyball Rulebook, therefore, other than some specific rules, it follows the FIVB Beach Volleyball Rulebook.


Sitting Volleyball Rulebook 

Sitting  volleyball is governed by the World Organization Volleyball for Disabled (WOVD).  The WOVD has adapted the FIVB (Fédération Internationale de Volleyball) rules for use in sitting volleyball.   

Official WOVD Sitting Volleyball Rules 


Scorekeeper Training

Click here to see the scoresheet and Powerpoint presentation training (only available in Internet Explorer).

(Updated September 2014)


Line Judge Training

Please click here to view the slide show on Line Judge Instructions.


Anti-Doping Education

Please click here to view information on anti-doping education. You can also refer to the CCES website for more information.