Full-time Training Centre

The purpose of FTC is to enhance the long-term objective of identifying, selecting and developing a group of athletes with the ability or potential for qualifying for the 2014 FIVB Championship, the 2016 and the 2020 Olympics, as well as performing well in the 2013-2016 quadrennial. The full-time training centre focuses on graduated CIS/CCAA athletes to prepare them for international level of training and eventually competition.

There are currently 12 athletes in the FTC for the 2012-2013 season :

Zack Diboll, TJ Sanders, Jay Blankenau

Rudy Verhoeff, Allen Meek

Max Burt, Graham Vigrass, Jonathan Sloane

Chris Hoag, Nicholas Hoag, Terrel Bramwell, Marc Howatson

Here is a video of the players.

This group of athletes will be in action at the Centre Sportif de Gatineau on the following dates:

  • November 2nd
  • November 30th
  • December 21st
  • Friday nights from 4pm to 7pm

These are intra-squad matches: RED vs BLACK.

Teams, athletes, fans and friends, everyone is welcome !

Involvement of the FTC athletes in the community

In the last few weeks, the athletes of the Full-time Training Centre (FTC) in Gatineau supported the Volleyball Canada Development Model. Through the initiative of the National Volleyball Month (NVM), they proudly represented our volleyball promotion strategy in the region. To learn more about the objectives of NVM, click here.

Upon their return from Argentina in early October, the FTC athletes welcomed players from École des Lacs High School, from La Pèche, during one of their practices. In mid-October, male athletes played exhibition games with the Universities of Winnipeg and Waterloo at the Gatineau Centre. At the end of October, FTC athletes visited more than 250 senior players in the Franco-Ontarian tournament which was held at the Cité Collégiale in Ottawa. Twenty four French-speaking teams from Ontario participated in this tournament, which ended with a demonstration of the FTC athletes in the evening. These athletes formed two teams and played three game sets in front of the spectators.

Thierry Lavigne, the tournament director and physical education teacher at Franco-Cité, is pleased with the success of the event. "I think the event on Saturday night was a great success. The event was an opportunity for young athletes from across the province to observe and meet international volleyball players and see what the next level is. We are very pleased to partnerup with the Full-time Training Centre.. Young people were able to enjoy the event and it was clear the next day that the activity had marked the young athletes. A big thank you and we look forward to working with you again. "

During the months of November and December, the FTC guys will be equally involved in the community. They will open their doors to the community on November 2nd & 30th and on December 21st. On those dates, they will play inter-squad matches at the Centre Sportif de Gatineau. Admission is free. With these matches, local youth will discover what the Full-time Training Centre is all about and will have the opportunity to admire the athletic prowess of these national players.

A final activity is included in the calendar for the guys before Christmas. They will be playing at the Université de Laval on November 9 and at the Université de Sherbrooke on November 10. For coach Vincent Pichette, it is important to do this university tour.

"Just like the games we played against Winnipeg and Waterloo, these events are excellent opportunities to promote the National Team program. It is always a pleasure to participate in these exhibition games in which we have the chance to play against university teams in the country. These opportunities are especially important since the vast majority of our players at the Full-time Training Centre comes from university teams. Finally, these matches provide our team the chance to put into practice the elements worked in training. We are fortunate to be able to measure ourselves to these different teams. "