Event Hosting

Volleyball Canada is proud to have hosted successful National Championships since 1953. Since the Open format was introduced nearly 20 years ago, teams from all over the country have been competing for the national title in a variety of age categories, from 14U to 35+. There are now over 800 teams that participate in a National Championship event.
We have made some exciting changes to our event format for the 2016-2017 hosting cycle. Volleyball Canada is moving towards single age category events (15U, 16U, 17U, 18U), as well as to a regional model for younger age categories (14U). These changes will help create additional competitive opportunities for our members, and will assure that athletes from every province and territory have access to a national-level volleyball event.
We are currently searching for a host and partners to help us organize and execute the various Volleyball Canada Championships for the 2016-2017 hosting cycle.

The following events will be hosted by Volleyball Canada, in partnership with the successful bidder. 


Event Breakdown

The following table shows a breakdown of each Volleyball Canada Championship event that is up for bid. Please keep in mind that the numbers and figures shown below are approximate, and could change depending on the number of registered teams.
(Athletes + Attendees)
Hotel Room Nights
17U/18U Boys 10-12 80 1000 + 2500 = 3500 1500

Proposed Event Calendar

The proposed dates for hosting a Volleyball Canada Championship are as follows. Although these are the preferred dated, Volleyball Canada will still accept bids with different competition dates, pending they are within a 1-2 week window (either before or after the preferred dates).
Please refer to the Bid Manual for each event to see the acceptable event hosting dates for that particular age category.
Event 2016 Dates (Preferred) 2017 Dates (Preferred)
May 13-15
May 12-14


Contact Information 
If you have any questions or require any additional information about the bidding process for the 2016-2017 Volleyball Canada Championships, please direct them to:
Chrissy Benz
Volleyball Canada
Domestic Competitions Director
Tel:         613-748-5681 x232
Email:     cbenz@volleyball.ca


17U/18U Boys Volleyball Canada Championships

In previous years, the 17U and 18U Volleyball Canada Championships were jointly held. As these age divisions continue to grow, we are now at a stage of development which necessitates the separation of these events.
For the 2016-2017 hosting cycle, Volleyball Canada is seeking a partner to assist in the hosting of each of this event:

Bid Options (must host event in both 2016 and 2017):

  • 17U/18U Boys Volleyball Canada Championships (Combined)