Tall Maples Program

The Fulltime Training Centre’s Tall Maples program is geared towards identifying athletes who will have an immediate as well as long-term impact on the Beach Volleyball National Team.

This program has been created to address the need to develop taller athletes capable of achieving international success.

The purpose of the program is also to provide athletes who have little to no experience in high performance sport, yet meet the minimum body height criteria the opportunity to centralize at the FTC for a predetermined period and give high performance beach volleyball a dedicated trial.

Minimum body height criteria:
Women - 183cm (6’0”)
Men - 195cm (6’5”)

Athletes accepted into this program will be provided the opportunity to be a dedicated part of the Fulltime Training Centre and work with National Team coaches in attempt to help accelerate the development of the athlete.

Athletes can be identified by filling out the FTC Athlete Introduction Form and by attending an Open Practice and Play Session.

For more information about this program please contact Beach Development Coach Angie Shen ashen@volleyball.ca.