Updated March, 2016

Coaching staff 

Head Coach: Arnd Ludwig

Assistant coaches: To be determined

Number of athletes selected

Approximately 24-30 athletes will be selected.

Financial implications

  • Athletes will be supported financially through Sport Canada carding for a minimum of 4 months at $900/month (D or C1 card) or $1500/month (SR card) as well as tuition support for the 2016-2017 academic year.  ($5000 maximum as per Sport Canada policy).
  • There is no program fee/fundraising obligation for the Senior A Team.
  • Athletes will be housed either in a Team Canada house/apartment (returning/older athletes) or in the residences of the U of M (or they may chose to find their own accommodations.
  • Athletes will receive rent support from Volleyball Canada (to be detailed at the conclusion of the Selection Camp).
  • The monthly residence fee at the U of M is $565/month.
  • Athletes in residences may choose to cook their own meals, or enroll in a meal plan at the U of M.

Summer Program Plan:

May 1-6: Selection camp

May 7-June 30: Training camp (Winnipeg)

June 3-5: Grand Prix (Poland)

June 10-12: Grand Prix (Bourneau, Czech Republic)

June 17-19: Grand Prix Finals (if qualified)

June 30-July 11: Pan Am Cup (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)

14 athletes will travel to both competitions. 


For additional information please contact:

Nichole Mailey: Women's National Team Coordinator

Tel: (204) 474-7331 (Fax: E-Mail: nmailey@volleyball.ca

Team Canada Women s Volleyball Centre

158 Frank Kennedy Centre

University of Manitoba

Winnipeg, MB, R3T 2N2

Arnd (Lupo) Ludwig:  Senior Women's National Team Head Coach

Tel: (204) 474-7336       

E-Mail: aludwig@volleyball.ca