2013 Women's National Team

Meet the 2013 Women's A National Team! 

          From top to bottom, left to right (Ashley Beausoleil, Julie Dacquay, Scott Kosk, Arnd Ludwig, Adam Toffan, Jorie Janzen, Nichole Mailey, Dr. Oliver Leslie, Sam Clarey, Lisa Barclay, Marie-Sophie Nadeau, Tabi Love, Jaimie Thibeault, Marisa Field, Tricia Mayba, Alicia Ogoms, Dana Cranston, Brittney Page, Shanice Marcelle, Dani Smith, Alicia Perrin, Jennifer Lundquist, Lucy Charuk, Kelly Nyhof, Janie Guimond, Tasha Holness, Krista Zubick, Tesca Andrew-Wasylik, Kelci French, Megan Cyr, Kyla Richey, MP Murray-Methot)                                  

2013 Roster

*Indicates that they were selected to travel to the 2013 Pan Am Cup
Brittney Page, Outside (CAPTAIN)*   Marisa Field, Middle*                   Tabi Love, Outside*
Hometown: Vernon, BC                     Hometown: Kelowna, BC             Hometown: Daupin, MB
Age: 29                                              Age: 26                                       Age: 21
International Matches:84                  International matches: 49           International matches: 0                                                                   

Dana Cranston, Outside                    Janie Guimond, Libero                  Tricia Mayba, Outside
Hometown: Fort St. John, BC             Hometown: Becancour, QC          Hometown: Winnipeg, MB
Age: 22                                              Age: 29                                        Age: 24 
International matches: 2                   International matches: 64           International matches: 11

MP Murray-Methot, Outside              Lucy Charuk, Middle                      Kelci French, Setter
Hometown: Quebec City, QC            Hometown: Tsawwassen, BC       Hometown: Okotoks, AB
Age: 27                                            Age: 24                                          Age: 23 
International matches: 27               International matches: 10             International matches: 14 

Jaimie Thibeault, Middle                    Lisa Barclay, Outside                     Marie-Sophie Nadeau, Outside Hometown: Sylvan Lake, AB             Hometown: Brandon, MB               Hometown: Montreal, QC
Age: 23                                             Age:  21                                         Age: 23
International matches: 8                  International matches: 8               International matches: 0 

Alicia Perrin, Middle                         Krista Zubick, Outside                         Shanice Marcelle, Outside
Hometown: Creston, BC                 Hometown: St. Albert, AB                    Hometown: Victoria, BC
Age: 21                                           Age: 23                                               Age: 23
International matches: 8                International matches: 0                     International matches: 8

Sam Clarey, Outside                       Tesca Andrew-Wasylik, Libero          Tasha Holness, Middle
Hometown: Roseneath, ON            Hometown: Unionville, ON                Hometown: Calgary, AB
Age: 20                                           Age: 22                                             Age: 33
International matches: 0                International matches: 0                  International matches: 115

Alicia Ogoms, Middle                        Kyla Richey, Outside                          Megan Cyr, Setter
Hometown: Winnipeg, MB               Hometown: Robert's Creek, BC         Hometown: St. Andrews, MB
Age: 19                                           Age: 24                                              Age: 23
International matches: 0                International matches: 61                 International matches: 0

Jennifer Lundquist, Setter               Kelly Nyhof, Middle                         Dani Smith, Setter                     
Hometown: Surrey, BC                   Hometown: Georgetown, ON          Hometown: Beaverlodge, AB
Age: 21                                          Age: 22                                            Age: 23                   
International matches: 0                International matches: 0                 International matches: 0                  

                         Head Coach:                                                                 Assistant Coach:                          
                         Arnd Ludwig                                                                 Scott Koskie 

Assistant Coach:                               Head Athletic Therapist:                  Team Physician:
Lee Carter                                         Julie Dacquay                                 Dr. Neil Craton
                                                                                                              Legacy Sport Medicine
Second Athletic Therapist:                    Strength Trainer:                         Sport Psychologist: 
Ashley Beausoleil                                 Adam Toffan                                Dr. Adrienne Leslie-Toogood

Sport Physiologist:                              Sport Nutritionist:                  PhD Candidate-Sport Psychology:
Daryl Hurrie                                        Jorie Janzen                                  Jade Wightman
Team Coordinator:                              Statistician:
Nichole Mailey                                      Adam Schultz