Volleyball Canada continues Competition Review at National Beach Summit

(Ottawa – July 8, 2013)

Since the development of the Volleyball For Life LTAD Manual in 2004, Volleyball in Canada has made significant steps toward implementing the LTAD and working toward international excellence.  As this generation of athletes prepare for the 2016 Olympics in Rio, Volleyball Canada is moving the toward implementing an LTAD model that will further enhance our pathways and programs to give Canadian athletes the opportunity to reach their full potential.
With the objective to become a world leader in volleyball, Volleyball Canada is pleased to announce a review of the volleyball competition and event systems for Beach Volleyball in Canada. The purpose of the review is to enhance the volleyball playing experience for participants of all ages and to ensure that our system is aligned with the principles espoused in Volleyball Canada’s LTAD model found in the www.VCDM.org website.  The recommendations will be designed to ensure the Volleyball Canada system is founded on our values and the principles for sport.  
The Beach Competition Review was initiated at the National Beach Summit on January 18, 2013 in Toronto as a part of a global review of Canadian Beach development systems.  The Beach Summit had representations from each province and territory along with representatives from players, coaches, referees and administrators. The LTAD Working Group, which was established under the umbrella of the Domestic Development Committee (DDC) will consolidate the information gathered at the Beach Summit and set forward priorities for competition restructuring for both the Beach and Indoor disciplines. The members of the LTAD working group are noted below along with the Terms of Reference.
The review of recommendations and related program proposals will be presented at the 2014 Technical and Executive Directors Meeting in January. For more information regarding the review process contact James Sneddon, LTAD Lead at jsneddon@volleyball.ca
LTAD Working Group team members:
Istvan Balyi – CS4L expert group consultant 
Charles Cardinal – CS4L Consultant
Michel Paiement - Directeur de la section collégiale Nouvelles Frontières
Jason Grieve – University of Saskatchewan
James Sneddon – Domestic Development Director 
High Performance Consultants:
Julien Boucher – Indoor High Performance Director
Ed Drakich – Beach High Performance Director
Ian Haliday – Sitting Volleyball High Performance Director 

Terms of Reference