Volleyball Canada Centre of Excellence (VCCE) 

The Volleyball Canada Centre of Excellence (VCCE) is specifically designed to prepare high performance volleyball athletes to take their game to the next level.
The Volleyball Canada Centre of Excellence (VCCE) is an exciting new initiative developed through partnerships including the Provincial Associations, College and University Institutions, Own the Podium, and world class facilities, such as the Richmond Olympic Oval. There are currently 15 Centres across Canada with more opening each year!
The VCCE is developed based on an integrated sport performance team environment, including a number of services to complement high performance athlete development.  Physical assessments, testing, video analysis, integrated strength and conditioning, and exclusive access to online resources through Sport Leader, are part of the program offered by Volleyball Canada. Working with leading experts in Nutrition, Sport Psychology, and Athlete Development, Centre programs ensure cutting edge athlete training.  

Focusing on Team Canada/Provincial Team Pathway athletes (Grade 8-12) ready to take their game to the next level, committed high school and club athletes as well as Regional, Provincial, National recognized athletes will benefit from the training received in their Centre. Training is based specifically on individual skill development. A very low coach to athlete ratio allows for lots of personal feedback, ball contacts and progress for athlete success.   
VCCE professional team of coaches, many of which coach at and have associations with local College and University teams, receive training and development from our National team coaches.  Each one understands what it takes to excel at the next level and what each athlete needs to do to be successful both on and off the court.
Training commitments include 1-2 training sessions per week during the duration of the program.  Availability of sessions depend on location, but take into account seasons of play for common Club and High School training times and are typically offered from September to mid-April.  

To find a Centre near you, check out www.vcce.ca for more information or email dsales@volleyball.ca

Why was the VCCE Created?

For many years Canada has not competed well internationally. We are falling short in ranking among the top countries in the world and have participated in only 3 Olympic Games in our History.
One of the identified reasons of our international status is in the development of our youth athletes. Providing the appropriate amount of training, competition and recovery during the early stages of athlete development is critical to long term success.
In Canada we have developed guiding principles to lay a road map that allows our athletes to reach their full potential in both a High Performance and an Active for Life environment.  These principles come from our Long Term Athlete Development model, or LTAD for short. Volleyball Canada's role is to provide leadership and support for implementation of LTAD.
Our young developing athletes spend more time in competition (playing games) than in training and development (practice). To add to this, practice time is typically spent on developing team systems in preparation for games.  While this produces short term success on the court, the technical skills of our athletes are being left behind. 
The Centres of Excellence are one of the many initiatives within the Volleyball Canada Development Model (VCDM) that is working to eliminate developmental gaps at all levels of play.  Volleyball Canada has also initiated a strong presence with our young athletes being introduced to the game.  The Volleyball Canada Development Model is an excellent resource for athletes, teachers, coaches, and parents.  Learn more about the VCDM HERE.
Canada is moving forward and the Centres of Excellence are a great step in the right direction! Without a doubt, many of the athletes training with the VCCE today will be competing for Team Canada in the near future.