Volleyball Canada Registered Participants


A New Vision

Volleyball Canada is committed to working towards collaboration with members and partners to create a unified “Volleyball in Canada” family. The strategic goal is to build a system where every person involved with volleyball in Canada is connected to the sport’s governing body. With all participants in the sport having a membership connection, the sport as a whole will be in a stronger position to deliver on all four pillars of the Canadian Sport Policy.
More specifically, an integrated and seamless membership that engages volleyball people all over the country will contribute to the achievement of excellence at the highest levels of the sport, will broaden participation in the sport, will enhance the capacity of teams, leagues, and clubs and provincial/territorial associations across the country, and will increase interaction among all components of the system. 



The objectives of this aligned membership are to:
  • Harmonize categories of membership across Canada and link them to stages of long term athlete development (LTAD).
  • Improve communication and interaction among Volleyball Canada and all its PTA partners.
  • Improve alignment of athlete and coach development systems within Volleyball through affiliation with scholastic, post-secondary, adult recreation and masters volleyball segments in addition to the youth competitive segment.
  • Assist all segments of the volleyball in Canada family in their marketing and promotional efforts by communicating and elevating the Volleyball Canada brand.

Participant Categories

  • Youth Competitive Player
  • Adult Player
  • Post-Secondary Player
  • Leaders - Club/Team Personnel, Referees
  • Youth Development Player - Atomic/Mini
  • Leader
  • Recreational Player
  • Leader - Volunteer
  • Elementary and High School Player

Learn more about the different participant categories and the specific benefits of each. 

Download the full PDF here.


Advantages of Being a Registered Participant

Sport Development Benefits

  • Access to annual VC Championship and their continual enhancement.
  • Access to VC sanctioned regional and inter-provincial competitions.
  • Access to VC insurance coverage at VC sanctioned events.
  • Access to promotional discounts and specialty pricing on VC sponsor products and services.
  • Access to VC developed programs essential to the delivery of volleyball at all levels including:
    • Certified Officials
    • Coaching Courses and Certification (NCCP)
    • Athlete Development (VCDM)
    • Centre of Excellence (VCCE)
  • Access to non-VC sanctioned international and cross-border events via Letters of Good Standing
  • Access to VC administrative staff for inquiries and support.
  • Access to information on the rules and regulations pertaining to volleyball in Canada.
  • Access to updates and information regarding our National Team programs.