Team Canada Sitting Volleyball to hold selection camp February 24-27 at CFB Petawawa

OTTAWA – Team Canada Sitting Volleyball (TCSV) will host a men’s and women’s national team selection camp February 24-27 at CFB Petawawa.

Team Canada is currently preparing for a busy competitive season which starts in March and runs through to November.

"We're excited to be working once again with the Canadian Forces' Soldier On program,’’ said  Kerry MacDonald, Coordinator, Disabled Programs for Volleyball Canada. 

‘’We had two very successful events in December at CFB Valcartier and CFB Edmonton.  We are thrilled to work with the Soldier On group once again in Petawawa.  We're really looking forward to bringing the sport of sitting volleyball to the base personnel and the Petawawa community."  

 "This is a fantastic opportunity for many of our members to embrace a new sport and meet some incredible people. There is an obvious connection between soldiers and athletes which involves a great deal of training, determination and dedication. We are excited to bring together some of our soldiers who have been injured and give them an opportunity to increase their independence and develop new skills.” said CFB Petawawa Base Commander Lieutenant Colonel Keith Rudderham.

The CFB Petawawa camp program will include:

-          Soldier On sitting volleyball education and training;

-          TCSV training sessions;

-          Opportunities for Soldier On clients and TCSV athletes and personnel to interact on the court and also in a social setting.

The weekend event is national in scale, and is intended to attract Canadian Forces ill  and injured personnel from across Canada.  This is an opportunity for the Canadian Forces personnel to not only try the sport but vie for a spot on the national teams.
Timing and Schedule:

The event runs from Thursday February 24th to Sunday February 27th, with the following draft schedule:

Thursday, February 24th:

-          7-9 pm - Soldier On sitting volleyball session

Friday, February 25th: 

-          9:30-11 am Soldier On sitting volleyball session

-          2-3:30 pm Soldier On sitting volleyball session

-          7-9 pm TCSV/Soldier On training session

Saturday, February 26th: 

-          10 am-12 pm Soldier On sitting volleyball session

-          4-5 pm TCSV/Soldier On training session

-          5-6 pm Matches:  TCSV vs. CFB Petawawa men's and women's volleyball teams

Sunday, February 27th: 

-          9-11 am TCSV/Soldier On training session

Men’s national team coaches Ian Halliday and Ray Sewell and national team athletes will provide coaching instruction for the Thursday and Friday Soldier On sessions.

Note for media and public:   All training sessions will be open to the public to attend and watch, and to the media for photos and interviews.

 TCSV travels to
Britain in the third week of March for games against British and Dutch national teams. 

‘’It is our hope that these weekend sessions will potentially identify some Canadian Forces athletes to become part of the TCSV rosters that travel to this event,’’ said MacDonald.

For more information, please contact:

Kerry MacDonald,
Coordinator, Disabled Programs

t: 403-992-6600