Sitting Volleyball First Contact Coaching Program

Volleyball Canada's Sitting Volleyball First Contact Coaching Program is made possible with financial contributions from the Canadian Paralympic Committee.  The program consists of two steps:

Step 1:
Throughout the 2011-2012 year, the National Team coaching staff will travel to various Canadian cities to present a training weekend for club coaches.  Sessions will begin on Friday evening and run through Sunday morning.  Participant Coaches will be given active sitting volleyball coaching instruction throughout these sessions.

Step 2:
The second step falls upon the clubs to follow through with regular sitting volleyball programming and with peer-to-peer education.  This has already begun in several of the selected centres, where programming will be enhanced.  With lessons learned from these existing programs, and with their newly trained coaches, the clubs will move forward to implementing regular sitting volleyball within their clubs, and identify individuals to become ‘champions’ of sitting volleyball development.

There are two main objectives: building capacity and building participation.  The program touches on several LTAD stages:  First Contact, FUNdamentals, and Learning to Train, and reaches into the higher levels as well.

Upcoming First Contact Coaching Clinics

December 17-18, 2011
Montreal, QC
Location:     l'Association sportive et communautaire du Centre-Sud
                    2093, Rue de la Visitation, Montreal, QC tél:             (514) 522-2246       
CLICK HERE for program information, course outline, and location information.

January, 2012 - Winnipeg, MB

February, 2012 - Calgary / Edmonton, AB

March, 2012 - Vancouver, BC