NCCP Program Revisions

Online Modules

Volleyball Canada is developing several e-learning modules that will be become an integrated piece of the coach education and certification process. These e-learning modules will exist on a new website dedicated to coaching development.  

Launch of the website and e-learning modules will be in September 2015. The content and delivery method of the current in-person workshops will be modified to fit with the e-learning material.

Underlined below are the changes that will occur in the certification pathway. 

Step 1 – In Training: successful completion of Development Coach e-modules (pre-requisite)
Step 2 – In Training: successful completion of Development Coach Workshop 
Step 3 - Trained: successful completion of Multi-Sport Modules: MED, Plan and Practice, Nutrition
Step 4 - Certified: Portfolio and Evaluation Requirements
Step 1 – In Training: successful completion of Advanced Development Coach e-modules (pre-requisite)
Step 2 – In Training: successful completion of Volleyball Workshop 2 (in person course)
Step 3 - Trained: successful completion of Multi-Sport Modules: Design a Basic Sport Program and Basic Mental Skills (elimination of Teaching and Learning)
Step 4 - Certified: Portfolio and Evaluation Requirements

Step 1 - In Training: successful completion of Competition: Multi-Sport Modules: Managing Conflict, Leading Drug-free Sport, Psychology of Performance, Coaching and Leading Effectively, Prevention and Recovery, and Developing Athletic Abilities, Advanced Planning a Practice, Performance Planning and Manage a Sport Program
Step 2 – Trained: successful completion of Volleyball Canada's Performance Analysis Workshop.
  • Option 1: Take the Performance Analysis Workshop in June for Beach and July for Indoor.  This event is held in conjunction with the Youth National Development Program. Requests for applications will accepted before December 31 of each year, as seen HERE.
  • Option 2: Take the Performance Analysis Workshop at the Full Time Training Centres of each respective gender. See Application HERE
  • Option 3: Take the Performance Analysis Workshop delivered by a Provincial/Territorial Association in partnership with Volleyball Canada. (This option currently not available in 2016)
Step 3 - Certified: Portfolio and Evaluation Requirements


NCCP "Community Course" Addition

This new online course will be designed to answer the question:
How do I teach grade 1-7 kids the game of volleyball?

This module is directed to Elementary School teachers, and provides a downloadable Curriculum Guide with sample lesson plans, video examples of the pedagogy used for the program, and how it can be applied in a Physical Education setting.

This module will also fit the needs of clubs, coaches and community centres looking to run an effective and fun program for kids in grade 1-7.  

Volleyball must be modified to fit the kids. Adapted rules will be applied for 8U, 10U and 12U participants as well as a video series of practical teaching plans will be presented.

Completion of the e-course along with some basic multi-sport modules will provide the coach with FUNdamentals Leader NCCP "Trained" status.  This course is essential for all clubs and schools to help grow the game at the youth levels.  The course is also perfect for older athletes as an introduction to coaching and an opportunity for leadership development within the sport of volleyball. Launch of the course is planned for January 2016


Maintenance of Certification

On January 1st, 2014, Volleyball Canada complied with the Coaches Association of Canada’s (CAC) NCCP Professional Development policy and procedures.  Coaches who are Development Coach certified will now receive credit within the Locker database for approved professional development experiences.  Once all remaining courses are approved by the CAC, then these certified coaches will also begin to receive credit.  In order to maintain certification coaches will need to accrue a specific amount of points over a period of 5 years.  Please review the CAC's FAQ for all the details.

For a summary of how professional development points will be allotted, please see below.

Activity Category
Active coaching
1 point/year for every season coached
1 point/year for learning facilitator or evaluator activity
To a maximum of 5 points within 5 years
NCCP activity
5 points/module
No maximum or minimum
Non-NCCP activity*
3 points for ~3 hours activity
Maximum of 3 hours for 1 multiple day clinic/symposium
Coach self-directed activity*
3 points for the valid certification period
Maximum of 3 points for certification renewal period
Re-evaluation in context
100% of the points required for PD credit in the context
No other PD is required if coach chooses re-evaluation
NCCP activity
5 points/module
No maximum or minimum
Non-NCCP activity
1 point/hour of activity up to 3 points maximum
To a maximum of 50% of required PD credit for the context in a certification renewal period

*For Non-NCCP activities, and coach self-directed activities, coaches must get approval from Volleyball Canada (PTA’s may be given authority to approve) to confirm that credit can be claimed.  Procedures for submission of PD points is currently being finalized.