National Women’s Volleyball Team Starts Selection Camp May 16, 2011

WINNIPEG - The National Women’s Volleyball Team will be hosting a team selection camp from May 16 – 20 at the University of Manitoba’s Frank Kennedy Centre. The chosen athletes will represent Canada during the coming international season, in which Canada will be playing to qualify for the 2012 Olympics in London, England.

In addition to the selection of the Senior Women’s Team, the developmental ‘B Team’ will be chosen. The B Team will train in Winnipeg throughout July and compete on behalf of Canada in the 2011 World Universiade Games in Shenzhen China from Aug 12-23.

The camp’s sessions are in the Frank Kennedy Centre’s Brown and Gold Gym during the following times:

Monday, May 16: 9am – 12noon and 3 – 6pm Tuesday, May 17: 9 – 10:30am and 1:30 – 6pm Wednesday, May 18: 9am – 6pm Thursday, May 19: 9 – 11:30am and 3 – 6pm

For more information please contact: Kevin Parsons Phone – (204)474-6645 Email –

Participating Athletes: Nadine Alphonse (QC, Université de Montreal), Simone Asque (IL, University of Virginia), Lisa Barclay (MB, University of British Columbia), Carla Bradstock (BC, University of British Columbia), Lucy Charuk (BC, University of Houston), Vanessa Chorkawy (ON, Lakehead University), Beth Clark (SK, University of Regina), Elizabeth Cordonier (BC, University of British Columbia), Dana Cranston (BC, Colorado State University), Tiffany Dodds (SK, University of Alberta), Jaclyn Ellis (ON, University of Alberta), Kelsie English (ON, University of Ottawa), Marisa Field (BC, University of British Columbia), Kelci French (AB, University of Alberta), Janie Guimond (QC, Université de Montreal), Brooke Halvorsen (BC, University of Calgary), Claire Hanna (AB, University of British Columbia), Jennifer Hinze (BC, University of British Columbia), Tasha Holness (AB, University of Alberta), Kristi Hunter (MB, University of Manitoba), Noemie Lefebvre (QC, Syracuse University), Alexandra Lojen (QC, University of Montreal), Tammy Mahon (MB, University of Manitoba), Shanice Marcelle (BC, University of British Columbia), Katie Matthews (ON, Queen’s University), Tricia Mayba (MB, University of Manitoba), Colette Meek-Johnson (AB, Arizona State University), Marie-Pier Murray-Methot (QC, Universite de Montreal), Alexandra Lojen (QC, University of Montreal), Tonya Mokelki (SK, Colorado State University), Sarah Moncks (AB, University of Calgary), Daphnee Andre-Morin (QC, McGill University), Marie-Sophie Nadeau (QC, University of Montreal), Lauren O’Reilly (BC, Trinity Western University), Coleen Ogilvie (AB, Queen’s University), Brittney Page (BC, Eastern Washington University), Tanya Paulin (NB, University of New Brunswick), Sarah Pavan (ON, University of Nebraska), Alicia Perrin (BC, Trinity Western College), Malena Rapaport (BC, University of Toronto), Michaela Ressor (ON, Samford University), Kyla Richey (BC, University of British Columbia), Lauren Sears (NS, University of Winnipeg), Michelle Sweeting (SK, University of Regina), Jaimie Thibeault (AB, University of Montana), Amy Toews (MB, University of Manitoba), Tesca Andrew-Wasylik (ON, Wilfrid Laurier University), Julie Young (AB, University of Calgary), Marisa Field (BC, University of British Columbia), Sarah Moncks (AB, University of Calgary), Brooke Halvorsen (BC, University of Calgary), Krista Zubick (AB, University of Alberta).