National Championships Coaching Certification Policy

For the 2013 National Championships, Volleyball Canada will be collecting the names of all coaches not fully certified. See sanction policy for 2014 onward below.

For the 2014 National Championships, Volleyball Canada will apply fines for coaches not meeting thefollowing criteria:
1) Coaches who did not meet Volleyball Canada full certification requirements from 2013 and still do not meet requirements for 2014 will be charged a $300 fine. No exemptions accepted.

2) Coaches not meeting certification at their first appearance at Nationals must seek Provincial/Territorial Association exemptions and submit upon check-in.
Certification will be verified at check-in and payment for any applicable fines must be provided atcheck-in. Fees collected will be re-invested into coach education.
Volleyball Canada believes in providing the best opportunities for athletes to develop skills andexperience a positive and safe volleyball environment. The NCCP process is a necessary componentof Canada’s coach education pathway to support athletes in reaching their full potential.

Coaches have more than one calendar year and two full seasons to attain full certification. No fineswill be applied in a first appearance to a National Championships. Volleyball Canada believes thesetimelines are reasonable and encourage all coaches to go beyond NCCP certification in their coachingdevelopment. We also encourage clubs to offer compensation for coaches due to the time anddedication required. Coaching is the most significant contributor to athlete development andenjoyment of the game and Volleyball Canada thanks all coaches for their contribution to the sport ofvolleyball and the lives young people.

Certification Requirements:
13U - Level 1 NCCPCertified
14U - Level 1 NCCPCertified
15U - Level 1 NCCP Certified
16U - Level 1 NCCP Certified
17U - Level 2 NCCP Certified
18U - Level 2 NCCPCertified
21U - Level 2 NCCP Certified
Level 1 Certification process: