More than a game: everyone wins when alumni players return to men’s training centre!

Dec. 09, 2013: Although those National Team alumni who returned to Gatineau to play current athletes were victorious this past weekend, it was really a "good win" all-around, with the local food drive also benefiting from this friendly match!

Fans who came to watch witnessed some high-level volleyball as the alumni won (25- 14, 25-20, 25-19), and generously donated non-perishable food as the price of admission.

''It was very special to see Olivier (Faucher), Alexandre (Gaumont Casias) and Louis-Pierre (Mainville) return to the centre," explained Vincent Pichette, FTC coach."These athletes have given so much to the program, and we wanted to take this opportunity to recognize their contribution before the game. It was also very special to see them receive such a warm welcome from all our fans present."

During the match, the past players showed their competitive spirit was still very much alive. They competed for every point and kept the FTC (full-time training centre) side off balance the entire match with their serving and solid defensive play.

"This was a very good opportunity for our young players to play a high-calibre line-up with a lot of international and professional experience. Many lessons can be taken from this game not only technically and tactically but in this case competitively.This should raise the standard for our remaining two weeks of training before the holiday break."

Before the match, the team collected non perishable goods for a local food collection program at Moisson Outaouais for the Holiday period.

"From everyone here at Volleyball Canada, thank you very much for your generous donations. I also want to thank all the staff from la Ville de Gatineau and our VC staff for this special event." said Pichette.

It’s not too late to be a part of this winning spirit. A group of the training centre players will be at the IGA Plante in Gatineau (Hull) on next Saturday and Sunday (14 and 15) to help with the local food drive which is called "la grande collecte du temps des fêtes." This is the final weekend of the campaign.

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