Make Ethical Decisions On Line Evaluation

As part of volleyball's NCCP all coaches are required to have completed the Make Ethical Decisions On Line Evaluation. This on line evaluation needs to be completed as part of the Make Ethical Decisions multi sport module, but coaches who obtained certifcation in the old NCCP Theory program (Theory 1, Theory 2, Theory 3) are also required to complete this evaluation.

The Make Ethical Decisions On Line Evaluation module can be accessed here.

Before you begin the module be aware of the following:

    • You need to have a CC number and an active account with the NCCP Database.

    • If you have not been assigned a CC number, and it has been more than four weeks from the time of your workshop, please contact the NCCP Database via e-mail at

    • If you have your CC number, but do not have an account yet set up for the NCCP Database, please , please contact the NCCP Database via e-mail at

    • This online evaluation is an exciting initiative for the Coaching Association of Canada. As this is a new application, we need your help in ensuring it meets the needs of coaches. If at any time you need help with the technology, please contact the Coordinator of Information Systems, at The Coordinator will provide you with technical assistance or will forward your feedback to us to help improve the online evaluation tool.

    • As this is the initial public launch of this application, there are no fees associated with this online evaluation. Our goal is to provide coaches with affordable training and evaluation, and any future costs associated with online training and evaluation will be minimal.

    • The application will only allow you two attempts to successfully complete the evaluation. If both attempts are unsuccessful, you will be required to participate in a Make Ethical Decisions module in order to access the online evaluation for another two attempts.

    • Once you have successfully completed the online evaluation, your file on the NCCP Database will be automatically updated. To view your transcript online, please visit and login using the same username and password you used to access the online evaluation.