Level 3 - Indoor Volleyball Coaching Program

The Level 3 coaching program is the third level in the volleyball NCCP system and is recommended for Level 2 Certified coaches seeking additional coach education, training, and certification. The program has three distinct steps required for certification. Completion of each step also provides the coach with one of three coaching "designations": In Training, Trained, or Certified.

Typically only a limited number of coaches are allowed to enter into the Level 3 program each year. Contact your provincial/territorial volleyball association for more details and specific provincial/territorial elegibility requirements.

Step 1 - In Training: successful completion of the Level 3 Volleyball Course
The Level 3 Volleyball Course, attempts to build on the concepts presented in the Level 2 Volleyball Certification Program. This is an advanced volleyball coaching course and is intended for coaches who aspire to develop athletes and teams which will be competitive at national level competitions (i.e. national championships). It deals with advanced skill development, volleyball program management, detailed seasonal planning, and the sequencing of training sessions.

To enroll in a Level 3 volleyball course near you, contact your Provincial/Territorial Volleyball Association.

Step 2 - Trained: successful completion of the six Competition - Development Multi-Sport Modules
Coaches must undertake education and training in nine multi-sport modules: Managing Conflict, Leading Drug-free Sport, Psychology of Performance, Coaching and Leading Effectively, Prevention and Recovery, and Developing Athletic Abilities. These modules provide education and training in areas relevant to coaches in all sports.

To enroll in the Competition - Development Multi-Sport Modules, contact your Provincial/Territorial Coaching Coordinator. To locate contact information for the coordinator in your province/territory click here.

Step 3 - Certified: Portfolio and Evaluation Requirements
The final step in the Level 3 process is the development of a coaching portfolio and the undertaking of a final evaluation. The portfolio includes several assignments:

  • Completion of Competition - Development Online Evaluations
    • Making Ethic Decisions (Comp-Dev)
    • Managing Conflict (Comp-Dev)
    • Leading Drug Free Sport (Comp-Dev)
  • Describing your coaching context.
  • The compilation of player and physical testing data.
  • Completion of a Yearly Training Plan (YTP).
  • Developing an Emergency Action Plan (EAP).
  • Collecting a full season (minimum 80 hours) of written and properly structured practice plans.
  • Collecting a full season of written match plans and match outcomes.
  • Observing another coach's practice session.
  • Observing another coach's match behaviours.

Completing the Level 3 coaching portfolio makes a coach elegible for the final phase of the program - final evaluation. This process involves being formally observed over the course of a season in a minimum of three practice settings by a Level 3 Evaluator.

Contact your Provincial/Territorial Volleyball Association to acquire the Level 3 Portfolio and Evaluation Requirements package when you are ready to undertake this final step in the Level 3 coaching program.