Development Coach Program

The Development Coach program is the principal entry point for most coaches in the volleyball NCCP system. The program has three distinct steps required for certification. Completion of each step also provides the coach with one of three coaching "designations": In Training, Trained, or Certified.

Step 1 - In Training: successful completion of the Development Coach Volleyball Workshop
This course has been designed to introduce the game of volleyball and basic coaching concepts to novice coaches. Coaches will be expected to participate in a series of learning experiences designed to assist them in improving their volleyball coaching abilities and to have those coaching abilities assessed throughout the course. These activities represent the minimum standard for the training and certification of Development Coaches within the NCCP.

To enroll in a Development Coach volleyball workshop near you, contact your Provincial/Territorial Volleyball Association.

Step 2 - Trained: successful completion of Competition: Multi-Sport Modules
Coaches must undertake education and training in three multi-sport modules: Making Ethical Decisions, Planning a Practice, and Nutrition. These modules provide education and training in areas relevant to coaches in all sports.

To enroll in the Competition - Introduction: Multi-Sport Modules, contact your Provincial/Territorial Coaching Coordinator. To locate contact information for the coordinator in your province/territory click here.

Step 3 - Certified: Portfolio and Evaluation Requirements
The final step in the Development Coach process is the development of a coaching portfolio and the undertaking of a final evaluation. The portfolio includes several assignments:

Completing the Development Coach portfolio makes a coach eligible for the final phase of the program - final evaluation. This process involves being formally observed during a practice by an Evaluator.

Contact your Provincial/Territorial Volleyball Association to acquire the Development Coach Portfolio and Evaluation Requirements package when you are ready to undertake this final step in the Development Coach program.