Athletes Overseas During the 2016/2017 Season


Our National Team athletes and other Canadian elite level volleyball players have an opportunity to play in foreign volleyball leagues around the world during the Fall/Winter season to gain valuable competition experience and earn a living playing the sport they love. 
Monica Jones AUS UTS Sydney University Volleyball Club
Stephanie Alexandre AUS Endeavour Academy
Brianna Beamish AUT VC Tirol
Lauren Moncks AUT VC Tirol
Vicky Savard AUT ASKÖ Linz - Steg
Sarah Pavan CHN Shanghai Volleyball  Club
Alissa Coulter DEN Brondby VK
Caitlin Nyhus DEN Holte IF
Kailin Jones DEN Holte IF
Natalie Buck DEN Holte IF
Taylor Brisebois DEN Holte IF
Alexandra Losik ENG  
Jazmine White FIN WoVo Romaniemi
Danielle Smith FRA Vandoeuvre Nancy
Marie-Sophie Nadeau FRA Evreux Volleyball
Breanna Evoy GER ASV Dachau 
Jennifer Cross GER Dresdner SC 1898
Jordan Forrest-Drezet GER NawaRo Straubing
Tanya Paulin GER VC Offenburg
Kyla Richey GRE AO Panathinkaikos Athens
Marisa Field GRE AO Panathinkaikos Athens
Royal Richardson ISR Ness Ziona Volleyball Club
Alexa Grey KOR GS Caltrex Seoul Kixx
Tabitha Love KOR Heungkuklife Pinkspiders
Alicia Ogoms POL PTPS Pila
Rebecca Pavan POL Volley Torun SA
Julie Mota POR Clube Desportivo Ribeirense
Alicia Perrin ROM ACS Penicilina IASI
Kristen Moncks ROM ACS Penicilina IASI
Lucille Charuk ROM CSM Bucuresti
Victoria Dakin SLO  
Michaela Reesor SUI NUC

A number of European club teams take part in European Volleyball Confederation tournaments in addition to their league play. For schedules, scores, and standings from these tournaments, visit the links below.

CEV Champions League

CEV Volleyball Cup

CEV Challenge Cup