Day one recap NORCECA men’s junior volleyball championships

Quick recap for August 16, 2010

Cuba defeated Honduras 25-12, 25-19, 25-15

Dominican Republic defeated Guatemala 25-22, 25-23, 25-23

USA defeated Trinidad and Tobago 25-9, 25-7, 25-10

Mexico defeated Martinique 25-15, 25-15, 25-16

Puerto Rico defeated St. Lucia 25-10, 25-13, 25-10



Pool B: Cuba (1-0) vs Honduras (0-1)

August 16, 2010

Cuba knows it can play better after win over Honduras

Gatineau, Que., - Cuba head coach Roberto Garcia Garcia expects his team to play better for the rest of the tournament after defeating Honduras 25-12, 25-19, 25-15 on Monday at the NORCECA junior men’s volleyball championships.

“The team was not playing good today,” said Garcia. “They missed a lot of services and we need better defence. They need to improve tomorrow for Puerto Rico with first place on the line in the group.”

Lazaro Fundora Travieso led Cuba with 14 points while Jorge Gonzalez Garcia added 12 and captain Jorge Carlos Rojas Taylor chipped in 11.

“In the first set we tried to break the ice,” said Rojas Taylor. “We were not nervous. We just made a lot of errors.”

For Honduras, captain Josue Carbajal Vargas earned eight points.

“We have been training to get in our best shape for this event,” said Honduras’ coach Carlos Funez. “We know we have faced a very good team, a world champion potential, and we played as hard as we could.”

“In the beginning we were very nervous,” said Vargas. “But we just tried to enjoy the game and to play smart.”

Pool A: Dominican Republic (1-0) vs Guatemala (0-1)

August 16, 2010

Dominican Republic wins three close sets over Guatemala

Gatineau, Que. – In what was the most exciting match so far at the NORCECA junior men’s volleyball championships, the Dominican Republic defeated a stingy Guatemala team 25-22, 25-23, 25- 23.

Kelvin Antonio Campechano Munoz led the Dominicans with 15 points while Anuary Burgos Agramonte and team captain Miguel Angel Vargas Garcia added 14 apiece.

“We are very happy with the result,” said Osiel Vasquez Cancio, head coach of the Dominican Republic. “We reached our goals. The team performed well on the court and they knew Guatemala was a very strong team and fought very hard.”

“We did our job,” said Vargas Garcia. “This was a first international for the players and we are pleased with how we played.”

Jeyson Fernando Nery Flores of Guatemala led all scorers with 17 points while Aldo Martin Barrios Cajas added 10.

“The sets were close,” said Guatemala’s head coach Pizat Fernandez. “The Dominicans figured out a way to get the points at the right time and they were superior in the court so obviously they deserved the win.”

“They are very tall and very strong,” said Nery Flores, the team captain. “So we tried to beat them with a fast game.”


Pool C: USA (1-0) vs Trinidad and Tobago (0-1)

August 16, 2010

U.S. impressive in victory over Trinidad and Tobago

GATINEAU, Que. – The U.S., appeared in top form on Monday as it defeated Trinidad and Tobago 25-9, 25-7, 25-10 in the opening round match for both teams at the NORCECA (North and Central America) men’s junior volleyball championships at the Centre Sportif in Gatineau.

The U.S., spread the offensive wealth as no players reached double digits in points, however al the players except three put their name on the scoreboard. Team captain Daylan Davis led the American attack with eight points while Taylor Crabb added six.

‘’We came out and had some nerves ourselves,’’ said U.S., head coach John Hawks. ‘’I’m glad to see all the guys got in and played well. I thought we served the ball fairly well and put some pace on it.’’

‘’It was very important for us to get the tournament off to a good start,’’ said Davis.  ‘’We had some butterflies because we had no idea what we were going up against. We just played really physical with a lot of energy.’’

Team captain Akim Bushe and Bernard Renaud led Trinidad and Tobago with four points each.

‘’We definitely played one of the better teams in the tournament,’’ said Trinidad and Tobago coach Gideon Dickson. ‘’They came out with a plan and worked that plan to a tee. I thought we did O.K., coming out against a team like U.S.A. We tried to maintain momentum as much possible.’’

‘’For some of us it was the first time we played volleyball at this level,’’ said Bushe. ‘’It was a good experience for the team. We will only get stronger.’’

Pool C: Mexico (1-0) vs Martinique (0-1)

August 16, 2010

Mexico opens with win over Martinique at junior men NORCECAS

GATINEAU, Que. – Mexico earned a straight sets win over Martinique 25-15, 25-15, 25-16 on Monday in round robin action at the NORCECA junior men’s volleyball championships.

Juan Revuelta led the Mexican attack with 14 points while Omar Lerma, Ricardo Galindo and Daniel Sanchez added seven points each.

“The team has been playing together for a long time but you wouldn’t know it from today,” said Mexican head coach Jiminez Espitia. “We hope it will be better tomorrow.”

‘’We were a little bit nervous at the beginning,’’ said Mexican team captain Jorge Barajas. ‘’We didn’t know what to expect from the other team but as the match unfolded we got better and less nervous.’’

Like St.Lucia in the previous match, this was the first ever match at these championships for Martinique.

‘’I’m very proud of my team,’’ said Martinique head coach Eddy Salomon. ‘’We had trouble getting into the match at the beginning but got progressively better. This was a whole new experience for us.’’

‘It was completely other level of play and we weren’t sure what to expect,’’ said Martinique captain Joffrey Zozol. ‘’We tended too rush our plays too much and we weren’t at our best.’’

Boris Zeline led Martinique in scoring with nine points.


Pool B: Puerto Rico (1-0) vs St. Lucia (0-1)


August 16, 2010

Puerto Rico earns win over St.Lucia to open men’s NORCECA Juniors

GATINEAU, Que. – Jorge Antonio Lopes and Ricardo Archilla scored 11 points each to lead Puerto Rico to a 25-10, 25-13, 25-10 victory over St. Lucia to open the NORCECA men’s junior volleyball tournament.

“We played good but still we need to work on technical aspects of the game,” said Puerto Rico’s coach Ramon Lawrence. “But generally we played well.”

“It was good first match for us, many of us are inexperienced internationally,” said Puerto Rico team captain Ramon Burgos. “They can see what we are going to face in the next games and we have to continue improving. We want to win this tournament.”

For St.Lucia it was their first ever match at this tournament and head coach Elvin Ryan Germain was proud of his team.

“I’m happy with how we played,” said Germain. “There are some elements we need to work on but we played with a lot of positive energy and we look at this as a great experience because this is another level for us and we hope we can get to that level soon.”

“It was just great to go up against a team that plays at that level and intensity” said St.Lucia team captain Gillan Octave. “Win or lose there is no disappointment, I’m very proud how are team played. We gave everything we had.”

Julian Bissette led the St.Lucia offence with six points.

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Tuesday, August 17
11:00 Mexico vs Trinidad & Tobago
13:00 Cuba vs St. Lucia
15:00 Puerto Rico vs Honduras
18:00 USA vs Martinique
20:00 Canada vs Guatemala


Wednesday, August 18
11:00 Honduras vs St. Lucia
13:00 Trinidad & Tobago vs Martinique
15:00 USA vs Mexico
18:00 Cuba vs Puerto Rico
20:00 Canada vs. Dominican Rep.


Thursday, August 19
13:00 Consolation Quarter Final
15:00 Consolation Quarter Final
18:00 Quarter Final
20:00 Quarter Final


Friday, August 20
13:00 9th place match
15:00 7th place match
18:00 Semifinal
20:00 Semifinal


Saturday, August 21
13:00 10th place match
15 :00 5th place match
18:00 Bronze medal match
20:00 Gold medal match
20:00 Gold medal match

 (all matches at Centre Sportif, Gatineau)