Volleyball Canada is pleased to announce the successful host cities of the 2014-2015 National Championships.

For the first time in eight years, there will be two host cities: Parksville, B.C. on Vancouver Island will be home to the Western Youth National Championships on August 15th-17th in 2014 and August 21st -23rd in 2015; and Toronto, Ontario will play host to the Eastern Youth National Championships, as well as Senior and 21U National Championships on August 22nd-24th in 2014 and August 28th-30th in 2015.

“The regional format, a first for beach volleyball in Canada, will create new opportunities for young athletes across the country to participate in a National Championships where they may have not otherwise had the means to travel to play,” explains David Caughran, chair of Volleyball Canada’s National Championships program committee.

“This factor, combined with our marquee players from across the country playing in our Senior National Championships, will see two weekends showcasing the best beach volleyball players in Canada.”

There were 229 teams (458 athletes) that participated in the 2013 Beach National Championships, which took place at Spanish Banks in Vancouver, BC.