What do you do after you have taught the Mini-Volley program?
What do you do if you want to teach the sport of volleyball and don’t know how?
Volleyball Canada has developed an exciting approach to learning and teaching volleyball that is rapidly catching on with the youth of Canada!
The Atomic Volleyball program is a great tool for teaching children the basics of the sport and getting them ready for the more complex 6 on 6 game when they are older. As a companion program to Volleyball Canada’s successful Mini-Volley program, Atomic Volleyball continues to build on the Mini-Volley concepts. This program focuses on fair play, skill development, teamwork and most of all a rewarding game-play experience. Its larger goal is to develop a passion for the sport in the younger players of the game!
Atomic Volleyball can be incorporated into any physical education class, volleyball club or community program. It incorporates principles established in the Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L) athlete development model for Learning to Train Stage athletes.  


Visit the VC Shop to purchase the following great resources to get you started with Atomic.

  • Atomic Volleyball Instructors Manual: Provides an eight-week program where skills can be acquired in a practice setting. During each session, time is spent equally on skill development and game play. Each session plan is easily adapted to the skill level of a group. Whether the players are novices or advanced, Atomic Volleyball is adjustable! The program is self-directed so anyone can teach this program: teachers, coaches, sport programmers. No significant volleyball experience required!
  • Atomic Volleyball Starter Kit: This great starter kit contains everything needed to begin planning Atomic Volleyball.
    • 1 Atomic Volleyball Instructors Manual
    • 4 Tachikara Volley-Lite Volleyballs (SV-MNC)
    • 1 Tachikara Ball Bag (BBB)
  • Atomic Volleyball Deluxe Kit: This deluxe kit contains everything needed to begin planning Atomic Volleyball, including giveaways and prizes for participants.
    • 1 Atomic Volleyball Instructors Manual
    • 6 Tachikara Volley-Lite Volleyballs (SV-MNC)
    • 1 Tachikara Ball Bag (BBB)
    • 10 Atomic Volleyball Stickers
    • 10 Atomic Volleyball Lanyards
    • 2 Atomic Volleyball T-Shirts (White)


More Information

For any question about the Atomic Volleyball, please contact James Sneddon, Domestic Development Director.

Please visit the VCDM website for much more information on Atomic Volleyball.