2014 Open B Team Selection Camp

Camp objective

Identify, select and train a group of athletes who have potential or demonstrated international skill and experience to represent Canada at the elite level.

Camp Format

The 2014 B team selection camp is OPEN to all eligible athletes. See below for athlete eligibility.

The camp is OPEN to anyone, however Volleyball Canada cannot accommodate more than 45 athletes and reserves the right to decline an application if the number of registered athletes is greater than 45.

Athlete eligibility

All athletes MUST be a Canadian citizen and have a valid Canadian passport.  

General Camp schedule (detailed schedule to be determined)

May 22 – Arrival of athletes in Winnipeg (athletes are responsible to make their own fight arrangements)

May 23-25 – Selection camp

May 25 – Unsuccessful athletes return home (please make your departure flights for after 12pm if possible)

Registration information

Registration deadline: Friday, May 2nd

​Please click here for the Registration Form (i.e the Athlete Information Questionnaire)

Deadline to submit flight information : Friday, May 9th

Registration fee: $600.00.  Registration includes : accommodations and meals at the University of Manitoba, as well as pick-up and drop-off service to and from the airport. These fees will have to be paid upon arrival. If athletes do not have their cheque with them at the beginning of the selection camp, they will not be allowed to take part in the camp. Please make the cheque payable to Volleyball Canada.

Athletes can also send the cheque by mail before the selection camp :

Team Canada Women’s Volleyball Center

158 Frank Kennedy Centre, University of Manitoba

Winnipeg, MB, R3T 2N2

Athletes will be notified if they are accepted or not before May 6th

Participants are required to fill out the following forms available on-line:


  1. Athlete Information Questionnaire
  2. Release of confidential information and participant consent
  3. Medical release (to be filled out by a medical doctor)
  4. Women's Medical Questionnaire
  5. Healthy Athlete Policy
  6. Scan of passport in color –
    1. Passport should be valid up till March 1st, 2015
    2. If you do not currently have a passport please begin this process now, as there will not be time to obtain one before traveling, or to obtain travel visas (if required).


Athletes are expected to come to camp physically prepared for both testing and on-court training. Any athlete who wishes to arrive into Winnipeg early to train may do so at his or her own expense, as gym time will be made available.  Contact Nichole Mailey if you wish to book gym time. 

A reminder that  all athletes must see a physician prior to coming to camp.  Every athlete (i.e returning and non-returning) must get blood work done to get their CBC,  Ferritin and Vitamin D levels checked (make sure you mention this during your appointment).  These results can be faxed to Nichole Mailey at: 204-474-7672. 

Camp Tests: Click here (Camp Tests) to view the tests that will be conducted at camp. 

*All forms are to be scanned in PDF or JPEG format (except the athlete information questionnaire) and submitted to Nichole Mailey (nmailey@volleyball.ca) in one email  with your name in the subject line before Midnight on Friday, May 2nd. Note that faxes will not be accepted.

Accommodations and meals (Provided by Volleyball Canada)

Athletes must arrange their own transportation to and from Winnipeg and inform Nichole Mailey of their itinerary. Ground transportation will be provided to athletes upon arrival. Athletes should try and book their flight to arrive in Winnipeg between 12pm-7pm on May 22nd if possible.Athletes will be met at the airport by a Team Canada Volleyball representative, who will be wearing Team Canada clothing.  Meals will be provided to athletes from dinner on May 22nd to  lunch on May 25th, 2014

Please click here for information on the Senior B team program. 

For any questions, please contact Nichole Mailey (nmailey@volleyball.ca)